Saturday, August 12, 2017

Halloween Junk Journal Digital Collage Set

Hello Friends!
I hope you are having a great summer!
Like many of you, I have had a very busy year..and have not had any time to be Artistic. The other day I had a little bit of time to play, so I created a 
I have a set of Chocolate & Orange pages that can be used for the cover of the Junk Journal, or just additional add ons.
 You could even mix and match the front and back covers if you liked.
I have a few Cover Title Embellishments on the sheet Below.  
Of course I have other Halloween Digital Collage Sheets that contain words, images and tags in my Etsy shop that would go great with this set.  I created two different labels, and also left some blank, so you could create your own title.
 I have altered all kinds of vintage Halloween images and have used them to create these spooktacular journaling pages.
 The Clown below is one of my favorite images!  He started out as a boy in a red clown suit, and I changed him all up...and created a pumpkin head for him.
I just love this Moon Face and the little girl image is one of the first images that I altered.  Changing her dress color, boots, apron, adding a spider...and giving her a kitty and hat.  It's the same little girl that I use in my Blog header above...except that she is wearing a little rose covered dress I made.
Lots of great pages to Journal on or add photos too!
 Here are a few pages that you could add photos or other Halloween images!!

 Halloween and Christmas are my favorite holidays!  They are super fun to decorate for!
As I mentioned before, I have many Halloween Collage Sheets sets that would match this Junk Journal set...but here are a few tags and tabs that I made specifically for the set.

Here are a couple Journaling ATC's and Pockets that they can fit in.
Super happy with how this set turned out!
This next week (when I am not doing Scout stuff) I plan on getting some much needed cleaning not sure when I will get a chance to actual print this out and use  I know my BOLB Carol...has printed out the pages and has already begun playing with them!

So...thought I would share with you what I have been busy with this past couple months.  June I went to Boy Scout Summer camp for a week, and two other weekend campouts as well as working full time.  July...I designed crafts and worked with all the kids making them at our Church's Vacation Bible School program.  Then the boys and I went to the National Jamboree (Boys Scouts).  I was chosen as a 1st Assistant Scout Master to attend with the 2211 Troop.  We had 35 Scouts and 4 adults in our troop and we with two other troops.  The map below will show you the camp site we were in...and just a small part of the 35,000 Scouts that were there.  The red tents are part of Sub Camp B...and not all of them are shown.  There were Sub Camps A, B, C, D, and F (venture crew) and Staff.  It was a lot of fun!  I spent the past year and a half attending a Jambo Leader Meeting and Jambo Troop Meeting each month on top of our Normal Troop 312 Meetings and OA meetings.

Here is a photo of the Scouts that were part of our troop.  The Boys were great!  Honestly...I miss it already!  We had 16 boys from our troop attend and the others were from other troops in our area.

Below are my two Kiddos....Gabe in the back with the beard (17) he went as a youth and Caleb (19) in front was chosen as a 3rd Assistant Scout Master (each ASM had different things they were in charge of). Then Ethan, Clay and John.

Today both of my son's are off to meetings for Scouts.  I chose to stay home and try and get some cleaning I am skipping a meeting :0)

Hope you have a great day!
Feel free to let me know how your summer is going...or if you have created anything using any of my collage sheets, I'd love to see them!

Thursday, February 23, 2017

St. Patrick's Day Etsy Sale and Super Cute Calendar Journal

Hello Friends!!
I hope you are having a fabby day! bestest BOLB ever did the cutest 
Calendar Journal using my Journal Digital Set.

I am also having a Couple DAY SALE...on my St. Patrick's Day Items.. Digital papers and many of my ST. Patrick's Day Collage Sheets will be only $2.50 Each...which is way cheaper than any discounts I have offered :0)

I figured I would go ahead and do that...because I really don't have any time right now to be make examples...
Bit o' the Green for YouMy Artistic Adventures Spring or St. Patrick's Day Challenge 5My Artistic Adventures Spring or St. Patrick's Day Challenge 5Creative Cutting St. Patrick's Day ChallengeMy Artistic Adventures Spring or St. Patrick's Day Challenge 5
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Monday, February 06, 2017

Valentine's Day Fry Box Tutorial & Etsy Sale

*** Esty Shop Sale Feb 1st- 14th 2017***

 10% off $5 or more purchase, coupon code:  CHALLENGE10
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30% off $50 or more purchase: 30BEMINE

Hello Friends!
Today I am sharing a 
Valentine's Day Fry Box
that I have created using a couple of my digital collage sheet sets.
I used Fauna, Garnet, Just Peachy and Lion's Mane glitters from Art Glitter.
I printed the fry box and then inserted the sheet back into my printer, printed side up and then printed one of my music floral backgrounds, so that the inside of the fry box would look pretty too.

I used Cotton Candy Baker's Twine, May Art Leaves and Lipstick Red Seam Binding.  You can find them all at 
Really Reasonable Ribbon.

I placed a couple tags in my fry box that I created in January.
You can view my tutorial on Youtube here.
Feel free to watch it below.
I will embed it here when I get a chance later today.

I will be playing along in the following Challenges

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Sunday, February 05, 2017

Valentine's Day Birdie Heart

Hello Friends!
I hope you are having a fabulous weekend!
Today I am sharing a simple 
Valentine's Day Birdie Heart Banner Piece.
I am using my Medium Heart Focals for this piece.
I have not recently used them...kind of forgot about them.

I used the following sets from my Etsy shop
TIny Text
Valentine Cherub Tags
Medium Hearts
Curvy Banners
Small Hearts
Large Hearts
I will be playing along in the

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Thursday, February 02, 2017

Etsy Sale & Working on my Calendar Journal

Hello Friends
I am having a Valentine's Day Esty Sale
Use the coupon codes below
10% off $5 (or more)  purchase use coupon code: CHALLENGE10
15% off $10 (or more) purchase use coupon code:  BEMINE15
20% off $15 (or more) purchase use coupon code:  20BEMINE

I made a few changes to the Calendar Pages in my 
and started another video of how I was going to put it together.
Below is a video that I did that just explains how I am going to be putting my journal together.
I added a couple of sheets to the set, so now there is a front/back cover, an extra set of large tickets, some additional smaller pages and of course the book spines.
You can view my piecing it together below.

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Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Gecko Galz Vintage Valentine Customer Challenge

Hello Friends!
Check out our new 

All you have to do to participate is use one product from Gecko Galz and create a project that follows the
Vintage Valentine's Theme.

Don't forget to join us in the facebook group where you can find my Collage sheet below for free and be entered to win your choice of a $15 Gift Certificate or Coupon Code for 50% off a purchase 
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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Freebie Valentine's Day Collage Sheet

Hello Friends!
Today it is my turn to post over at Gecko Galz.
I have decided to host a Challenge in the

All you have to do to play along is download my collage sheet and create a tangible project with it.  Then participate in one of the other  February Gecko Galz Challenges that Michele runs in the Group (pretty easy to do).
I will have a random draw for a prize (one for the challenge group members and one for my fellow design team members).  Winner will receive their choice of $15 worth of my digital Collage sheets or a coupon code for 50% off one total purchase.
So...hop on over to the facebook group so you can play along!
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Saturday, January 28, 2017

Mini Calendar Journal and Regular Size Journal

Hello Friends!!
Today I am sharing a video with you of the Calendar Jounrals that my BOLB (Bestest On-line Buddy), Created using some of my New Calendar Journal Digital Collage Kit.

You will want to visit her Blog to see all the photos!

(it is so stinking cute...I LOVE it)

She sent me her video last night....and that is when I thought.....OH.....Now I got to go and finish I had just got home from work....and it was hopefully sometime soon I will get to play with the the one photo above her printer was acting up...and she had some goof she used dies on them...and that is how she got the pockets up in the photo above the video...and I LOVE them!!
Thank you Carol for playing and doing a video!

Thank you to my followers for taking the time to stop by...and for visiting my BOLB's Blog!

Funny thing is I have been referring to Carol as my BOLB since I can remember....we met online a long time ago.  I even did a blog post explaining the whole "BOLB" thing...but at the moment I can't find it (that is why you should label your posts heather...but nope you don't).  But here is a quote about her from way back

"Next there is my BOLB (Best on line Buddie)
Carol really cheers me on in all my endeavors!
When I started doing videos teaching others how to use GIMP, she always watched, and would leave comments!  Nothing makes me feel better than when I have taught someone something new, and they are so excited!! 
Carol has thanked me in so many ways!
Makes my heart smile!  

When ever I create collage sheets, she is always the first to tell me how awesome they are!  Not only that, she is my Queen of advertising...and I don't even have to ask..."

I still feel the same way today!  
(even though we don't blog as much as we used I am sure she will be able to find my BOLB explanation post...cause she is awesome like that).

Friday, January 27, 2017

I Love You Pink & Red Banner Piece 2 Tutorial

Hello Friends!!
Today I am sharing the 2nd Piece of my
I Love You Pink and Red Valentine's Day Banner 

 You can find the links below to the Collage Sheet Sets that I used 
(and will use for the rest of the banner)
 I was inspired by the current challenge going on at 
I glued mulberry Roses to tiny golden clothes pins, which is how I will be hanging my banner pieces.

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